Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just a Thursday Like any Other...:)

I don't know how your Thursday went, but I for one am really glad it's over. Today was the dreaded day of tedium in my house known as "laundry and cleaning day". I know, we all hate it. But anyway, at least the house is clean now and I actually COOKED dinner as apposed to "nuking" something last minute, so I guess it was a successful day ( I made chicken and dumplings and managed not to burn the biscuits!) I also did a couple cards I thought I'd share. One for my aunt who is coming home from hospital today (*CTMH stamp set) and one for my friend who I regretably forgot her birthday last week (SU - Wanda's Wit) The pic is small, but it says : To show you how sorry I am I forgot your birthday....... (inside says -- "Next year I'll forget mine! ) The inside verse is done on a pop-up with "dead balloons" and turned out kinda
So here goes; and enjoy Friday out in the sun tomorrow like me!! :)

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