Thursday, March 26, 2009

What? Me... Guilty? The Dog did it!

How can I argue with a face like this ?!?!?!? He can be sssoooo sweet sometimes and then Dr. Jekyll decides to fingerpaint my pantry in dry oatmeal.....LMAO.... just had to get a pic before I cleaned up the mess...Anyway, he states with a straight face ----" the dog did it, mama."
You gotta love that. The dog opened the container and poured the oatmeal on the floor when he has no thumbs?......"uh huh" he says. Well, there you go ~~ guess he's innocent after all...:)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hey bloggers! Hope your "hump" day has gone well! The beginning of the week escaped me, but here's the "projects I've been working on this week (so far) andI'd love to hear what you think!
It's watercolors and a couple new products: Flower Soft, and Core'dinations paper! Stamp set is SU - Mer de Ete (Summer by the Sea) LUV iT!
Translation is : "Joy is not in things; it is in us - Richard Wagner "

Off the subject, I made new friends! So here's my shout out to my first follower Lisa, (WOOHOOO!!)) and my new friend LeeAnn : ) And, of course, a card for them! Stamps are SU (Forever Friends--circa 1996! and Feathered Friends -- circa 1999!) doily is from Dollar General, Distress Inks from Ranger (love you Tim Holtz!!) hehe ~ scallop punch and DSP from SU as well -- done on Colonial White CS from CTMH. I love this little mouse! It's cute, I know -- but sometimes cute isn't so bad TTYS ~~ Angel ^j^

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just a Thursday Like any Other...:)

I don't know how your Thursday went, but I for one am really glad it's over. Today was the dreaded day of tedium in my house known as "laundry and cleaning day". I know, we all hate it. But anyway, at least the house is clean now and I actually COOKED dinner as apposed to "nuking" something last minute, so I guess it was a successful day ( I made chicken and dumplings and managed not to burn the biscuits!) I also did a couple cards I thought I'd share. One for my aunt who is coming home from hospital today (*CTMH stamp set) and one for my friend who I regretably forgot her birthday last week (SU - Wanda's Wit) The pic is small, but it says : To show you how sorry I am I forgot your birthday....... (inside says -- "Next year I'll forget mine! ) The inside verse is done on a pop-up with "dead balloons" and turned out kinda
So here goes; and enjoy Friday out in the sun tomorrow like me!! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WOW! Is it Tueday already?!?!

Sorry guys, Monday sure did get away from me ~ Here's some new pics of Easter cards inspired by a fellow scrappers card - hers is the first one - mine is the consecutive ones after. I'm off to the orthodontist w Rav and then to the 4H office with Gav ( he got 1st place on his District Project! WOOOHOOO!), so we're off to make posters for his presentation and practice speaking in front of a crowd ( a real challenge for a 12 yr old{{very shy}} boy. Bye for now, and have a great scrappin' day !! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ok..It's Officially Tomorrow

Just something I found:

4PM Actually: It's a Generational Rorschach Test
Twentysomething new hire: Why is there a Harry Potter picture in our lobby?

Fortysomething manager: Actually that's a painting of John Lennon.

Silicon Valley, California Overheard by: Pop Culturally Literate
Guess that kinda sums-up how old I'm feeling these days. {{{{BBBBLLLLLAHHHHHH}}

ANYWAY, this is a cool project I have undertaken that is going to be my April workshops, It's called The Recycling Challenge. I was asked by a friend who isn't a scrapbooker {but an avid GO GREEN} person, how I could justify using all these paper materials and throwing out so much stuff, and causing the ruination of the planet by buying these goods [ meaning all the paper I avidly hoard] -- I am an avid recycler so I have set a challenge to make one item every day made out of items I would normally throw away. Here's the first few:

Recycle Challenge: Item #1
This is the scrapbook page of my young Luke Skywalker. The edges and the title [Laugh] are recycled pieces of stickers that would've been thrown away. The photo corners are an extra sticker that I cut up to make this instead of throwing it out, and the top border is a recycled piece off of a My Stickease after i used the border sticker on the lft and right sides of the page. This is all CTMH Emporium collection.

Recycle Challenge Items #2&3:
This is a XLarge Dry Roasted Peanuts jar and a Mayo jar turned into useful objects uing CTMH products from Unforgettable line. The big one is a jar for the door prize/raffle tickets to go in; and the second is the donation jars I take to local businesses for people to donate $ for Operation Smile. For more info on OpSmile visit my website: or the corporate Close to my Heart website. It's a great organization { sorry, I digress}.
Recycling Challenge Item #4:
This is a DelMonte pop-top mini tin can of mixed fruit transformed with CTMH recycled Key to My Heart Paper. The scraps from my crop went into the crimper and then into the shredder to make the grass. The stem is a straw found in my glove compartment and then scrap ribbon leaves. This is NOT 2 flowers, which is the surprise my ooey-gooey followers -- It's reversible! Pic 1 is the front and Pic 2 is the back! How cool is that !?!??
K, Well, I'm off my Coke and Dark M&M rush, and crashing fast, so I'm signing off -- until Monday; Have a great Sunday and remember to kiss the ones you love today. I mean it. :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happiness is....

Oh! I forgot! Here's a pic of the Flower Soft workshop I just taught today and the new cards I'm making for my clients this month ( along with alot others! ). C Ya :) . The Flower Soft card is SU paper and CS, and Pic 2 is the Emporium Line from Close to My Heart with a few of their stamp sets. I'm a CTMH Consultant so I play with their lines alot! (needless to say) but I also have an affinity for Tim Holtz and Ranger products, so I "play" alot with those as well. I'll post my "address card" swap I'm doing tomorrow and some CTMH LOs, too ~ So stay tuned!

In the meantime ~ Here's my thought for the day:

Happiness is ......

a napping toddler! I get so much done when he's out cold like this, he played with daddy all day and now the "big kids" have gone to the movies, and he's asleep already! Yipppee!!!

My First Blog!

Hi all! I'm Angel,
owner and sole operator of Running with Scissors Design Co. est. 2009.

I wanted a place to share with my distant friend and family,and a place to put all my artwork, so here I am; I hope you enjoy it (if you ever find it) and if you do find my corner of cyber space and would like to leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you!
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