Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Angels going techie..or tryin!

Welcome all my FaceBook friends to the fray -- I'm trying to catch up to the technology out there - so I've linked the blog to -- so all my FB friends don't have to hear it all twice! I hope this works *keeping fingers crossed*

This is a layout I did this past weekend I though I'd share -- I really like how it turned out since this picture was especially difficult to scrap - it has sat in my box since August of 2008 - and then September of 2009 one of the little boys died. So you see, I was very torn on how to portray this moment, my son and his cousin on their first meeting each other. I hope i did it justice. {{HUGZ}} Angel

5 down .. 5 to go !

Yay for me! I'm celebrating tonight as I type my You see, I have finished HALF of my resolutions for 2010 ! Here's my "To Do List"

(some call them Resolutions) for 2010 :

1) Find a method to organize all my stamp sets, catalog them , and be able to reference their location, what stamps are in the set, and what drawer they are in so I can use them !

Solution: 6 narrow Sterilite carts - three drawers each - each drawer is labeled with the sets it has in it (Sentiments, Spring, Borders,etc) -- and Part 2 of the Solution - I scanned a copy of the front of all my stamp sets and then printed them all - cut them down to 6x6 and put them all in an All-Sorts Mini Album from CTMH - I used the pages and made a tab on the top of each page to find the color coded sections fast! When you're a paper hoarder and stamp set collector like me you have to have a system!

2) Catch up on all my picture files - make back-up copies to CD for storage, and crop/dwnld/print the ones I missed scrapbooking since i never got them printed!

Solution: Spent 4 days downloading/saving/cropping/printing all the pictures I was missing on Snapfish, organized my photo box once the prints arrived (over 2000 of them!) and now I'm SOOO ready to scrapbook!

3) Scrapbook my pics - Now this doesn't seem hard to most people, but it was a challenge for me since most of my layouts or albums that I create go to other people, or they are put on display for other scrapbookers to refer to while they are creating the layout themselves in class or workshop.

Solution: I took reference pics of all the layouts from 2009 in my display album - pulled out all the layouts, added my pics, and put in MY ALBUM! Then, I scrapbooked for JUST ME the whole first week of 2010 ! I've never felt so much creative energy - and it was such a whirlwind of fun! Not counting the completed layouts .. I made 23 new layouts and put pics and journaling on all 35 of them and they are in the albums !! This is so exciting for me!

4) Finish AT LEAST 25 pages a month every month of 2010 - This means layout, pics, and journaling, as well as PUT THEM IN THE ALBUM!

Solution: Did that for January so far --- so I'm counting that one as "Completed! so far " LOL

and the last "resolution" ...

5) Reward yourself and take time to celebrate when you meet a goal. I skip this part too often, because I think I've got to get started on the next BIG STEP... I'm not going to skip it anymore!

Solution: HUGE Snickers and a glass of chocolate milk with you !

So i guess the moral of the story is even a busy scrapbook instructor can get behind on albums -- always remember, scrap your life -- but don't miss out on it in the process -- like my Idol Tim Holtz says: Enjoy the Journey !

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