Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WOW! Is it Tueday already?!?!

Sorry guys, Monday sure did get away from me ~ Here's some new pics of Easter cards inspired by a fellow scrappers card - hers is the first one - mine is the consecutive ones after. I'm off to the orthodontist w Rav and then to the 4H office with Gav ( he got 1st place on his District Project! WOOOHOOO!), so we're off to make posters for his presentation and practice speaking in front of a crowd ( a real challenge for a 12 yr old{{very shy}} boy. Bye for now, and have a great scrappin' day !! :)

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  1. Also the young man eating cake is my youngest grandson, Aidan, at HIS mom & dads' wedding, last June. What a day......(a story of love and survival all of its own..) To think that about oh, say...2.5 years BEFORE this wedding, Aidan's dad underwent emergency brain surgery~he(my son, Aidan's dad) had a tumor on the brain, which we found out about the DAY before. The operation was Dec 18th or the 20th..The docs got all of the tumor, and, with the grace of GOD, he is alive and very very well today! And they are expecting another boy August 23rd....

    Reason for the question of the date of the surgery, 2 yrs BEFORE this, my OWN dad had his brain Dec..either 18th or 20th, I HAVE gotten the dates written down is over. MY dad, rest in peace, died march 14, 2006. My son was and is very fortunate~he realizes this each time we go back for his check ups....
    Thank you for allowing me to share, if it is appropriate!



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