Friday, May 22, 2009

WOOOOHOOO to Grads!!

Mia Copa Mia Copa Bloggin Friends! We've been zapped by the graduation bug all week long! Pictures, parties, practicing the ceremony, etc. So here's my shout out to all the great people who make Bleckley County kids their life's work; molding them into continuing the tradition and sense of close community we share here :) WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!

The second whoop & holler goes to the 8th grade graduating class from Bleckley Middle School --- everyone was the epitome of "pomp & circumstance" tonight and I hope all of you realize how bright your future can be, and how many opportunities you have to make this community, and the world a better place :) WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! I'm so proud of every ONE of YOU !

Wow, that looks kinda silly when you type it -- but the sentiment is from the heart, I was so proud of all these emerging teenagers (even though I only really knew a handful having just moved here 5 mos ago) and I love the fact that this community loves to celebrate accomplishments of their young people! The auditorium was packed to the rafters with people coming out in pouring rain to cheer on these lovely young people and you could feel their excitement when they were shooting absolutely hundreds of frames of pictures of these students. We're so lucky to have moved to such a great town :)

It's past 1am and I'm still WAY behind, but all myclients got their graduates' cards on time to go with their gifts, so I'm happy. My fingers may be purple for a week or longer -- Bleckley Co colors are purple and gold -- the lucky part? CTMH makes a perfect match: Hydrangea Purple paired with some sandpaper, black cs, and a little gold embossing, and WHAAA LA ! The Perfect card for our 2009 graduates. I'm so proud of my daughter, Raven and all of her friends for their performance this whole school year and at tonight's ceremony.

"Hey girls: YOU ROCK !!"
Angel ^j^


  1. Sometimes I really miss those days of all the events at the school, yet, in other ways, I am glad they are over! I am so happy to read that you enjoy and treasure those moments because they are precious.
    I love this beautiful purple on your fabulous grad card! Maybe you should have taken a picture of your purple fingers for all to see! LOL!

  2. Thanks Charlene ! It really was a challenge getting the purple OFF before the ceremony! lol
    ANgel ^j^


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