Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh My Love... :)

I just felt like playing hooky today and shirking all responsibilities (and my To DO list ) to play with some pictures I just uncovered of my niece when she was just days old.  The pics beckoned to me, and I spent almost an entire day scrappin my cares away..lol... I'll think about everything I DIDN'T do today --- tomorrow, but in the meantime this is a LO I just finished of my lovely one -- she thinks it's funny because i always answer her, "Yes, my love" ... this is for her ~ Enjoy honey  :)

 Also, I hope you get a kick out of my B - it was his "job" to sort all my felt embellies by color into clear boxes for my organizer - but somehow he just got attached to this partridge..lol.. wanted me to call him "Mr. Bird Head" all day after that!  Why can't adults get away with that?!

{{HUGZ}}  ~A.


  1. They do Angie ... Glen calls me Big Bird ... I am a bird watcher ...I know a lot of their songs and I talk to them and they talk back ... they really do ... Chicadees and Titmouse are very social. So Glen calls me big bird and I kinda like it..cause I love birds.

  2. awww-- Thats too cute Becky !! When you have the time I really could use a link to the hotel website when its set up ~~ all my Scrappin Pals wanna stay in the new hotel! LOL

    HUGZ to you and Uncle Glen :)



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