Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thinkin of my DH...

Today I pulled out a picture that is one of my all time favs of my hubby ~ It was a random day ~ no event going on, not a memento to mark an occasion...just a day I felt like snapping pics in the house of "stuff" .. sometimes I just have to be a shutterbug for no reason at all, and this was one of those days.  So I snapped this one while he was watching tv when I walked in the door from my walk in the woods, and it captures him so much that I wanted to do a layout of mainly journaling - what I wanted to say to him - so here's how i did it:
Here's some closeups of how I used the hinges to create the HUGE hidden journaling space, and the white Just Blooms flowers I misted w Juniper reinker to match my layout.

 If you have questions on any of the products I used, or how I made them just send me an email or leave a comment - I'd be glad to share :)  TTYL, Angel

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