Friday, October 22, 2010

Clear Acetate Christmas Card Tutorial

Hi All ~ I received a request to show you how easy the new clear cards are and to show the glitter run-ons in action ~ So I have combined the two requests and have a picture tutorial for you today!  Enjoy :)
Cut out the chosen rubon and place on the inside left of the card - make sure you have taken off the protective plastic sleeves from the cards!  Rub firmly being careful not to move the transfer.  Take off the white sheet you see here - there will be a clear sheet under it - remove it as well.

Take the glitter sheet from the glitter rubons kit and place it face down over the image.  Rub firmly with your fingers, slowly starting at the center of the design and working outward -- I like to go over it again using the spatula end of the BG rubon tool just to make sure you get alot of glitter on the image.

Remove the glitter sheet and as you will see here - mine was a  large snowflake.  To do multiple colors - simply leave the clear covering on the small accent rubons until you are ready to choose the color for them.  Can you see the small snowflakes covered on the top left corner here that I'm pulling off in the picture?  I removed them next and repeated step 2 using silver and sweet leaf glitter sheets from the kit on them.

Here's what the card looks like once you finish applying the glitter-- still some sticky spots, and static glitter everywhere...can you see it?

Here's what I do to take it away!  Step 1: Sprinkle a light coat of baby powder ,talc, or baking powder.

Tap off excess and some will still stick -- looking like this -- don't panic  !

Take a dryer sheet and lightly go over your project to remove the excess powder and take the glitter and static with it!!  YAY!

Here is my finished card ~ I added a sentiment and ribbon to the front of the card using teeny glue dots and Midnight Blue  StazOn ink.  Got a small smear here since stamping on acetate is slippery - but you can wipe off the bad tries with StazOn cleaner and try again and again!  (I actually tried three different sentiments myself!) You'll want to pick one with not so much detail as it is hard to get it on there without smearing it.

Hope you enjoyed this and learned a little about clear cards, glitter rubons, and our new blue sparkles.  If you would like to get the supplies to do your cards ~ go to my site! and order away!

Enjoy your weekend and I'll be back on Monday to talk with you again!    



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