Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spiraling Log Cabin Pattern Tutorial

Spiraling Log Cabin Quilt Pattern (Tutorial)

Take a sheet of white 12x12 paper and using a pencil and ruler divide the paper into 4 6x6 boxes.  Then divide each box into 1/2 inch grids.

Choose dark pattern strips for the outside and light pattern strips for the inside of the grids.
(I used Magnifique papers cut into 1/2" x 12" strips and alternated using either the front of the paper with the darker design or the back of the paper with light designs - cutting them down to size as I went along so it is truly random -- Just one more reason to love our double sided papers you just cut the strips and flip them to the side you like!! )

Here is one box completed:

Here's the template:

And here's the finished page  before I added my stamped pocket and tags. (You'll notice the far top left square is smaller than the others in my version, I did this intentionally so that my little sentiment would fit snug in that box on the finished layout :)  

 Have a great week and Happy Craftin' !   ~~Angel

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