Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Product Blog Hop List

Hi Everyone! The Blog Hop is almost ready to begin!  Here's the reference list you can use to refer back to all the artwork.  The Hop goes LIVE tonight, so be sure to check it out!

Helen Onulak
Kathleen Androlewicz
Laurie Newton
Gina Brandstetter
Michelle Loncar
Pamela O'Connor
Doreen Guilfoyle
Brae Montgomery
Amy McVey
Melissa Laverty
Terry Ann Diack
Haley Dyer
Kim Schnoor
Krista Ritskes
Julia Hammond
Debra Van Patten
Georgia Hauglid
Adeline Brill
Lalia Harris
Casandra Bennett
Maria Myers
Misty Jackson
Traci Godbee
Jody Gustafson
Rachel Ventura
Beth Naumann
Katy Donaldson Taylor
Kristine Ponte
Jean McNulty
Tamra Pope
Michelle Jones
Mary Eisen
Dawn Ross
Lori Brown
Judy Faye Garner
Deanne Jacobs
Lori Miller
Sheila Bennett
Angel Sawyer
Wendy Coffman
Michelle Johns
Pamela Ellison
Melinda Everitt
Jen Rubio
Vicki Price
Wendy Kessler
Shirley Ross
Allisa Chilton
Judy Burger
Heather Schmuckal
Susan Brooks
Lisa Sargent
Elizabeth Mindemann
Krista Hershberger

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