Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Beautiful Saturday !!

a Happy day to you all !! This is my next set of recycle pledge cards: It's a beautiful day here and it's been very busy, but I thought I'd catch up and post since I'm on my first blogging road-trip! I;m headed to McDonough Ga to be with my best partyin buddy Dickie! This morning we also celebrated with my aunt Madge -- It's her 64th -- YOU GO AUNT MADGE!!

Don't worry bloggers -- I'm being chauffeured the 2 hours to McDonough -- so I thought I'd use the time to post some new cards for my recycle pledge -- one of them being Dickie's Bday card. This is a technique some call piecing, others have called it "Serendipity" although I don't know why.

You begin with all those tiny scrap that would normally go in the trash -- using a piece of copy paper you paste down all the little pieces after you're done with a project and when the sheet is full you let it dry VERY well and then run it with a Cuttlebug or other embossing folder to unify the pieces and WA-LA -- You have custom paper made from useless paper scraps! The dimension and randomness of the patterns appeals to me. It's like making your own designer paper pack!

I also want to thank everyone who made the Scrapbook Garage Sale such a success, and to Lisa Mosely of CTMH and HOGS for loaning us her house to throw it in Warner Robbins --- what a great way to trade and upgrade for a fab price! I even got some new toys to add to my stash!
A special thanks also to the girls at -- I just recently heard about their blog hop this weekend and it really is a trip you should take ! Their design team is phenomenal! Their giving away prizes, too --- so go check it out! Well,that's it for Angel the traveling blogger and ctmh rep. Enjoy your weekend :) A. ^j^

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