Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Geesh ... How time Flies!

What a wonderful weekend for Easter! The weather was a little cool at sunrise service, but as the day progressed it was really quite fair and we played outside the better part of the day Saturday and Sunday. The pic is Bry playing with some "practice" eggs that his brother and sister were hiding for him in the front yard on Saturday with friends. We colored eggs, ate most of them after the hunt, and played at the pond. Sonya and I actuallygot a few things planned for April and May workshops and the "biggie" being National Scrapbook Day! We're planning an all day crop with lots of activities and prizes to celebrate my 5th month with Close to my Heart ! It's alot of work, but I love planning all the surprises and workshops -- and then teaching them to others... it's alot more rewarding than I ever thought it'd be. So check your calender for May 2nd - and if you live too far away to come in person, contact me about our "virtual Guests List" where you can participate from anywhere, and be entered in all the drawings and prizes!

Well, sorry this post is short, but I just got my new paper packs from the Summer 09 Idea Book (one of the perks of being a consultant) and it's time to play! Maybe I'll post some sneak peeks this weekend..... until then: Kiss the ones you LOVE... I mean it! Angel ^j^

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