Thursday, April 29, 2010

Using Veranda for BOYS ?!?

Hi gals!  I just want you to know I'm typing with a HUGE smile on my face after all the requests to see this layout closer up-- I'm flattered that everyone took the time to leave me some love and comments on the group.
What would I do without you gals?   I just don't know!  So, here it is - just for you :)
Veranda Layout
Close-Ups of lace wrapping Frames -- Dimensional Elements Round Frames and Square Frames by CTMH
Chipboard flowers and foam/beaded dragonflies:
I tried several times to get the dragonflies wings and all the glitter to show up , but I guess you can see it on the flowers, so you get the idea.  The dragonflies were easy to cut out of foam sheeting.  You just fold the foam in half and then cut out the one symmetrical side of the dragonfly so that when you unfold it it has both sides - I cut out 2 sets of wings and layered them to make them "more bugg-y" and less flat.  All of my customers who are oggling the stamped chipboard flowers right now will have to wait... the stamp set is the Stamp of the Month set for  Who says Veranda is too pretty for boy pages !?!?

On the other end of the spectrum - here is the pages I did last night of my daughter Raven -- her self portraits are better than the pics I torture myself trying to take of her :)  I used lots of various things on these two pages -- truthfully I was "venting" after just having an argument with her.... *ugh* teenagers!  If you'd like to know about any of the supplies I used please feel free to ask :)   and as always, Thanks for stopping by !


  1. WOW! love the layouts, thanks so much for sharing!!! Veranda is one of my favorites, now I have one more new way to use even more. I have 3 daughters (thankfully all grown!) I know the look!!HA It will get better, they give you wonderful grandbabies if you don't kill them first!!

  2. LOL - I hope so Deb! ((JUst not real soon ! )
    I'm so glad I'm going over to Perry to teach this weekend and give me some time away.... need a Calgon day :)

    Have a great weekend!



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